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The Hell that is Wearable Input

Interacting with wearable computers is the most brutal UX challenge of all time. Today we explore the unforgiving hellscape that is controlling wearables. Wearable computers have their own special Occam's Razor. If a wearable is ever inaccessible or unreliable, it is completely worthless. If a wearable passes the test, a user can operate it "for free" as if … Continue reading The Hell that is Wearable Input

Making Of The Nuclear Option

The Nuclear Option is my Magic: The Gathering war chest with magnetically-activated animated edge-lit deck boxes. Learn how I hacked together this nerdy showpiece. Most pictures in this post were taken with Google Glass. It's the best tool to document a project - nothing sucks more than wasting precious project time dicking around with a … Continue reading Making Of The Nuclear Option

Tutorial: Adding Active GPS to the Moverio BT-200

The Epson Moverio BT-200 is a great heads-up display attached to a shit computer. Here's how to replace its worthless chip GPS antenna with a high-powered active receiver. Some fun facts about the Moverio BT-200's location awareness: It doesn't get your location from Wi-Fi or a tethered phone because Epson was too cheap to license … Continue reading Tutorial: Adding Active GPS to the Moverio BT-200

The Year, and the Future, of Google Glass

After a year in the Google Glass trenches, the future of the platform is getting sharper. It's not fun, it's not fashionable, but it will be fundamental. This November marked my one-year anniversary as a Glasshole. I came for the hardware, but I stayed for the bizarre new perspective on tech and society. Here are … Continue reading The Year, and the Future, of Google Glass