The Disposable App

If you think that users deleting your app is a bad thing, get smarter. A couple of months ago, I was commissioned to build a Google Glass app for WaterWeavers, an exhibition at the Bard Grad Center Gallery. It identified what the user was looking at using image recognition, served them professionally-voiced docent commentary, and … Continue reading The Disposable App

The Four Glassmen of the App-ocalypse

Today we're talking about the four most popular app ideas for Glass: Contextual Consumerism, Glass Docent, The Cloud Nurse, and Augmented-Reality Nametags. These are seriously popular ideas. If you asked a hundred people what they think Glass is for, I guarantee that 95 will name one or more of these. I call them the Four … Continue reading The Four Glassmen of the App-ocalypse

Vine: The Best Worst Use Case For Wearable

The most revolutionary, game-changing, and human-enhancing app for wearable tech also happens to be the most dangerous.┬áThis app is Vine, the six-second video recording service. Why is it the best app for wearable? Because text sucks on a HUD. If you called up instructions for changing your oil, a set of short, quick-cut videos (in … Continue reading Vine: The Best Worst Use Case For Wearable

Your Internet of Things Platform is Pointless

Here's something I rant about that's becoming A Thing: wireless hardware platforms. I'm talking about the Electric Imp, Pinocchio, and SparkCore, little Wi-Fi development units closely tied to a proprietary cloud system. A hardware designer develops a connected device around the platform, getting a microprocessor, cloud infrastructure, and chipset without having to develop from the … Continue reading Your Internet of Things Platform is Pointless

Mini-Project: Dangerous Prototypes FT311 Build

Dangerous Prototypes, my favorite hardware-hacking rock band, gives out the PCB's left over from their prototyping process. It's a clever promotion and I love free stuff, so I snagged one of their PCB 'coupons' a few weeks ago and built a breakout for the FTDI FT311, an Android-to-damn-near-everything bridge. Check it!The FT311 is an Android … Continue reading Mini-Project: Dangerous Prototypes FT311 Build

Cyborg Racism and Virtual Lynch Mobs

Last afternoon in Paris, University of Toronto professor Dr. Steve Mann became perhaps the first victim of cyborg bigotry. While eating with his family at the Champs-Elysees McDonalds, Dr. Mann was accosted by three employees. In front of Mrs. Mann and her children, the uniformed men destroyed his property, ate his food, attempted to pry … Continue reading Cyborg Racism and Virtual Lynch Mobs