Side Project: Project Grip

For the last few days, I've been working on a set of data gloves comfortable enough to wear all day, every day. I settled on a ring-like form factor and the exceptional polyimide Flexpoint sensors. It's comfortable, not cumbersome, and damn cool looking. I used this excuse to learn some OpenSCAD and made a parametric … Continue reading Side Project: Project Grip

Do You Need a Heads-Up Display?

Most people have nothing to gain from a heads-up display or a wrist computer. Do you? The more of the following are true, the greater an unfair advantage you can gain from a wearable. Consider getting your practice now, before you lose to someone who did. Your performance is judged by a ranking or scoring system … Continue reading Do You Need a Heads-Up Display?

Making Of The Nuclear Option

The Nuclear Option is my Magic: The Gathering war chest with magnetically-activated animated edge-lit deck boxes. Learn how I hacked together this nerdy showpiece. Most pictures in this post were taken with Google Glass. It's the best tool to document a project - nothing sucks more than wasting precious project time dicking around with a … Continue reading Making Of The Nuclear Option

Tutorial: Adding Active GPS to the Moverio BT-200

The Epson Moverio BT-200 is a great heads-up display attached to a shit computer. Here's how to replace its worthless chip GPS antenna with a high-powered active receiver. Some fun facts about the Moverio BT-200's location awareness: It doesn't get your location from Wi-Fi or a tethered phone because Epson was too cheap to license … Continue reading Tutorial: Adding Active GPS to the Moverio BT-200

Screw Your iBeacons, We Need Point Beacons

Detecting which room I'm in? That's cute. Detecting where I'm pointing? That's critical. Your phone and wearable are loaded with sensors and receivers to detect where you're standing, how fast you're moving, and which direction you're facing. The average phone's sensors have 16 degrees of freedom* - but none them can detect where you're pointing. If … Continue reading Screw Your iBeacons, We Need Point Beacons

Why Don’t We Use Our Smartphones?

If computers are really ubiquitous, why do we argue over directions? Every few months, Google throws a big, catered event for Glass Explorers. It always turns into a pub crawl afterwards, but not before an infuriating ritual takes place: People argue over directions. These are Glass Explorers, so they're wearing a GPS on their heads. … Continue reading Why Don’t We Use Our Smartphones?

My 3D-printed Big-Ass SmarTwatCh

If you've met me in real life (or are visiting here from Hackaday) you've probably seen my SmarTwatCh. It's 3D-printed, Arduino-based, has a breathalyzer, and is not subtle! I built the SmarTwatCh to make a point about modern wearables - they're too damn subtle. Why should smartwatches look like regular watches? Why should heads-up displays … Continue reading My 3D-printed Big-Ass SmarTwatCh

You Will Bash Your Head Against the Learning Curve

…and it might not be worth it. Don’t let that stop you.  The first stage of learning is blindly and painfully slogging your way through overwhelming confusion while you scrape together the baseline level of domain experience. It’s called the learning curve, it’s intensely painful, and it might not be worth it. No technology will … Continue reading You Will Bash Your Head Against the Learning Curve