10 Steps to Self-Driving Cars

Car can shift its own gears. People take their hands off the shifter. Car can maintain its own speed. People take their feet off the gas when the road's empty. Car can adjust its speed to follow the next car. People take their feet off the gas in traffic. Car can stay in its lane … Continue reading 10 Steps to Self-Driving Cars

The Year, and the Future, of Google Glass

After a year in the Google Glass trenches, the future of the platform is getting sharper. It's not fun, it's not fashionable, but it will be fundamental. This November marked my one-year anniversary as a Glasshole. I came for the hardware, but I stayed for the bizarre new perspective on tech and society. Here are … Continue reading The Year, and the Future, of Google Glass

Your Kids Hate Using Money

Spending money might go obsolete. Think of the children! Many people think that you can forecast a technological revolution by watching the children. This was flaky at best, sinceĀ 20th-century capitalism was centered around making money and kids are broke. You remember begging your parents for cash so you could buy a toy, right? Remember how … Continue reading Your Kids Hate Using Money