My Decked-Out Google Glass

Sup dawg, I heard you like electronic accessories. Here are my favorite accessories for my favorite accessory. The power of wearables like Google Glass come from both the functionality and the looks. Since each wearer is so unique, and the superpowers he needs are so specialized, accessories are important to turn an off-the-shelf device into something … Continue reading My Decked-Out Google Glass

Side Project: The Nuclear Option

I needed to carry my Magic: The Gathering decks to tournaments. I jumped straight into The Nuclear Option. I'm a little obsessed with Magic: The Gathering. I do a draft every week, but my format of choice is definitely Commander. I used to bring one deck to my Friendly Local Game Store, but sometimes we just couldn't find that … Continue reading Side Project: The Nuclear Option

The Best $3 You’ll Ever Spend on Google Glass

Do you have Google Glass? Does its battery die? Want to transfer video without a data plan? Connect to an Arduino? All you need is three bucks or a soldering iron. This is a USB On-the-Go adapter and it does exactly that, and more. It's $3 from Amazon. Buy it here. If that's too rich, you can … Continue reading The Best $3 You’ll Ever Spend on Google Glass

Five of My Favorite Hacking Supplies

I do a lot of hardware hacking, both as a hobby and as a profession. I use a lot of electronic supplies, but I use these often enough that they've become staples in the workshop. Perhaps you'll get some inspiration? 5) Phenolic Veroboard. Like perfboard, I use this to rapidly bash together permanent one-off circuits. Unlike perfboard, Veroboard … Continue reading Five of My Favorite Hacking Supplies