On Enablers

50 Shades of Gray owes its popularity to the Kindle, and dubstep would die without iTunes. Now, these don't need the technology. You could read 50 Shades in paperback, and you could listen to dubstep without headphones. But you won't. You don't want to be seen reading smut on the morning bus. You don't want your soft-rock top-40 … Continue reading On Enablers

My Decked-Out Google Glass

Sup dawg, I heard you like electronic accessories. Here are my favorite accessories for my favorite accessory. The power of wearables like Google Glass come from both the functionality and the looks. Since each wearer is so unique, and the superpowers he needs are so specialized, accessories are important to turn an off-the-shelf device into something … Continue reading My Decked-Out Google Glass

Making of the Voidstar StickyBud

I built the prototype of what became the StickyBud accessory for Google Glass in three hours. Here's the story.  Back when MP3 players were hot, Oakley released the Thump, a pair of shades with an MP3 player. They had earbuds on articulating arms that snapped into the frame when you weren't listening. It was elegant … Continue reading Making of the Voidstar StickyBud