When My Grandpa Pinged the World

When two ham operators made contact, they sent each other postcards. Here's my late Grandpa's stash of QSL cards from the people he met around the world. After my mom, aunt, and uncle went to bed, my grandpa would sneak off into the boiler room and begin to broadcast. For a couple of hours, he'd … Continue reading When My Grandpa Pinged the World

I’m in The Guardian/Observer

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Zoe Corbyn for The Guardian/Observer, and her article just went live. It's a surprisingly balanced and informative piece with some great quotes, including Ian Bogost and Thad Starner, two of the straightest tech thinkers on Earth. Here's my excerpt: Zack Freedman, who lives in New Jersey, describes … Continue reading I’m in The Guardian/Observer