Side Project: The Nuclear Option

I needed to carry my Magic: The Gathering decks to tournaments. I jumped straight into The Nuclear Option. I'm a little obsessed with Magic: The Gathering. I do a draft every week, but my format of choice is definitely Commander. I used to bring one deck to my Friendly Local Game Store, but sometimes we just couldn't find that … Continue reading Side Project: The Nuclear Option

Making of the Voidstar StickyBud

I built the prototype of what became the StickyBud accessory for Google Glass in three hours. Here's the story.  Back when MP3 players were hot, Oakley released the Thump, a pair of shades with an MP3 player. They had earbuds on articulating arms that snapped into the frame when you weren't listening. It was elegant … Continue reading Making of the Voidstar StickyBud

The Best $3 You’ll Ever Spend on Google Glass

Do you have Google Glass? Does its battery die? Want to transfer video without a data plan? Connect to an Arduino? All you need is three bucks or a soldering iron. This is a USB On-the-Go adapter and it does exactly that, and more. It's $3 from Amazon. Buy it here. If that's too rich, you can … Continue reading The Best $3 You’ll Ever Spend on Google Glass

AutoHud: Your Car’s Performance Data on Glass

If you're a journalist covering Glass, looking for The Next Big Thing in white-collar terror and moral panic, you've thought about driving with Glass. The distraction! The avoidable crashes! What a goldmine of terrifying link-bait headlines, ready to wrap around a shoddily-researched article! I present Voidstar AutoHud, a Glass app designed to be used behind the … Continue reading AutoHud: Your Car’s Performance Data on Glass

DIY Google Glass Headlight

I've had my Google Glass for about ten days now, and I'm surprised to see a lack of hardware hacks for it! A user on the forum suggested a headlight, and I agree. Presenting the Google Glass headlight dongle! To see it in action, check out this first-person demo video! The body is … Continue reading DIY Google Glass Headlight

Five Things That Surprised Me About Maker Faire

Wow, that sprint to finish the Orbital Rendersphere and the strain of running the exhibit at Maker Faire knocked me offline for a while! Things have cooled down enough that I can get back to writing. I have a proper Rendersphere project page coming up, but for now, here are five Maker Faire observations that … Continue reading Five Things That Surprised Me About Maker Faire

Atmel Chips, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.

Five ways, of course. In descending order. 5) Internal pullups. All the ATTiny and ATMega chips I've used have built-in pullups on all the input pins, which is REALLY CONVENIENT. Yes, if you're a weekend warrior using a breadboard, you'll just snap "stop being a b***h and add a resistor". If you're a pro making a production design, this … Continue reading Atmel Chips, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.