The Hell that is Wearable Input

Interacting with wearable computers is the most brutal UX challenge of all time. Today we explore the unforgiving hellscape that is controlling wearables. Wearable computers have their own special Occam's Razor. If a wearable is ever inaccessible or unreliable, it is completely worthless. If a wearable passes the test, a user can operate it "for free" as if … Continue reading The Hell that is Wearable Input

The Year, and the Future, of Google Glass

After a year in the Google Glass trenches, the future of the platform is getting sharper. It's not fun, it's not fashionable, but it will be fundamental. This November marked my one-year anniversary as a Glasshole. I came for the hardware, but I stayed for the bizarre new perspective on tech and society. Here are … Continue reading The Year, and the Future, of Google Glass

Making of the Voidstar StickyBud

I built the prototype of what became the StickyBud accessory for Google Glass in three hours. Here's the story.  Back when MP3 players were hot, Oakley released the Thump, a pair of shades with an MP3 player. They had earbuds on articulating arms that snapped into the frame when you weren't listening. It was elegant … Continue reading Making of the Voidstar StickyBud

5 Reasons Why Smartwatches Don’t Kill Glass

A smartwatch isn't a HUD, and a heads-up display isn't a watch. They might fight for media attention, but they sure don't fight for utility. Here's how two beats one. I've been wearing a Pebble and Glass together since January 2014, and it's worked out great. The combination is powerful, more so than when I … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Smartwatches Don’t Kill Glass

DIY Google Glass Headlight

I've had my Google Glass for about ten days now, and I'm surprised to see a lack of hardware hacks for it! A user on the forum suggested a headlight, and I agree. Presenting the Google Glass headlight dongle! To see it in action, check out this first-person demo video! The body is … Continue reading DIY Google Glass Headlight

Five Killer Apps for Google Glass

At this point, it's inevitable that Google Glass and similar wearable technology is coming to market. The new question is, what will we do with it? Here are five potential killer apps for a device that's always on, always connected, and always available - without being obnoxious or violating trust. Financial Management. It's surprising how few … Continue reading Five Killer Apps for Google Glass

Cyborg Racism and Virtual Lynch Mobs

Last afternoon in Paris, University of Toronto professor Dr. Steve Mann became perhaps the first victim of cyborg bigotry. While eating with his family at the Champs-Elysees McDonalds, Dr. Mann was accosted by three employees. In front of Mrs. Mann and her children, the uniformed men destroyed his property, ate his food, attempted to pry … Continue reading Cyborg Racism and Virtual Lynch Mobs