The Year, and the Future, of Google Glass

After a year in the Google Glass trenches, the future of the platform is getting sharper. It's not fun, it's not fashionable, but it will be fundamental. This November marked my one-year anniversary as a Glasshole. I came for the hardware, but I stayed for the bizarre new perspective on tech and society. Here are … Continue reading The Year, and the Future, of Google Glass

How to Launch Glassware from the IDE

Launching Glassware by hand sucks. Here's how to get Eclipse or Android Studio to do it automatically. You might assume that every time you deploy your Glassware, you have to launch it by voice or menu. It's an annoying waste of time, and it puts this unnerving warning in the DDMS console: What's going on here? Eclipse and … Continue reading How to Launch Glassware from the IDE

When Programs Write Programs

Humans are crappy coders. If an AI ever exists, it will completely reshape how we use programs. Us humans really suck at coding. We wrestle with the IDE and toolchain. We need hours of reading and diagramming to grok uncommented code. We get tired and cut corners. We rush and build unmaintainable house-of-cards projects. We get … Continue reading When Programs Write Programs

A Pain in the Parse

I've pushed waves of tweaks to my Voice-Activated Timer Glassware since putting it on GitHub, and nearly all of them patch corner cases in Google's speech-to-text. There are a lot of these. Behold madness itself. "1&a half hours"?! What the actual hell? Google's voice recognition is nondeterministic like Guy Fieri is overweight. My parsing code has no … Continue reading A Pain in the Parse

AutoHud: Your Car’s Performance Data on Glass

If you're a journalist covering Glass, looking for The Next Big Thing in white-collar terror and moral panic, you've thought about driving with Glass. The distraction! The avoidable crashes! What a goldmine of terrifying link-bait headlines, ready to wrap around a shoddily-researched article! I present Voidstar AutoHud, a Glass app designed to be used behind the … Continue reading AutoHud: Your Car’s Performance Data on Glass

Five Killer Apps for Google Glass

At this point, it's inevitable that Google Glass and similar wearable technology is coming to market. The new question is, what will we do with it? Here are five potential killer apps for a device that's always on, always connected, and always available - without being obnoxious or violating trust. Financial Management. It's surprising how few … Continue reading Five Killer Apps for Google Glass