On Enablers

50 Shades of Gray owes its popularity to the Kindle, and dubstep would die without iTunes. Now, these don't need the technology. You could read 50 Shades in paperback, and you could listen to dubstep without headphones. But you won't. You don't want to be seen reading smut on the morning bus. You don't want your soft-rock top-40 … Continue reading On Enablers

Instant Gratification Isn’t Fast Enough

Radio Shack showed me that "instant gratification" is a crappy business model. Radio Shack is collapsing, and that sucks. As a professional prototyper, it's really damn convenient to be able to walk a few blocks and pick up a 470Ω resistor. Sure, it costs 5,000 times more than ordering it from Mouser, but I don't … Continue reading Instant Gratification Isn’t Fast Enough

S**t Cyborgs Say

"I'd like the salmon... wait, my Apple stock just popped to 400. Make that the surf-n-turf." "Dude, I can't believe you tried negging her! It's trending!" "Let's stay for another drink. My car got stuck in traffic after it dropped off the kids." "Dammit, son! No live-streaming when I'm telling you off!" "You get Zuckerberg … Continue reading S**t Cyborgs Say