I’m in The Guardian/Observer

Author Zoe Corbyn wearing Glass. Ripped off The Observer/Guardian.
Author Zoe Corbyn wearing Glass. Ripped off The Observer/Guardian.

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Zoe Corbyn for The Guardian/Observer, and her article just went live. It’s a surprisingly balanced and informative piece with some great quotes, including Ian Bogost and Thad Starner, two of the straightest tech thinkers on Earth. Here’s my excerpt:

Zack Freedman, who lives in New Jersey, describes himself on Twitter as a “diehard Glasshole” (the name given to Glass devotees when they ignore the outside world). He builds electronics prototypes for a living and wore his own homemade wearable face computer before he got Glass in November 2013. He is the only person who tells me Glass is a little too sleek for his tastes.

He wears Glass at all times, pulling it down when not in use. He uses it most for managing a to-do list (he has built his own app that he plans to release), getting directions and hands-free texting. “As of now it doesn’t really allow you to do anything new; it just allows you to do a lot of things better,” he says. “I believe they will sell units. The future, though, depends on whether it becomes a tool that people actually need.”

It’s great to see some Glass-related journalism that doesn’t focus exclusively on the camera. I highly recommend you read the article, it’s an excellent high-level overview of the complex battle¬†raised by heads-up displays.

Wearable tech raises complex social, moral, and technical issues, and I love seeing them get some critical treatment. Also, man, is it surreal to be mentioned by name alongside Doctors Starner and Bogost.

Fun fact, Zoe found and contacted me because I had the phrase ‘diehard Glasshole’ in my Twitter bio. How’s that for consistent branding?

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