How to Erase Sharpie Like a Boss

Have you ever tried to erase a whiteboard, only to find that some f*****g c**t c********r ruined it by scribbling in d********g s**********g Sharpie? Did you know that instead of hulking out and flipping a table, you can erase it in seconds? Prepare to have your mind blown.

2013-03-20 20.46.00

Step 1: Find your victim. I don’t have any whiteboards with Sharpie on them because I’m not a f*****g idiot. I do, however, have this Apple keyboard I stole salvaged from the MakerBar. I plan to abuse it heavily, so I will erase this mark left by the previous owner to save myself the guilt.

2013-03-20 20.46.23

Step 2: Scribble on it with a whiteboard marker. Any brand will do. Use a fresh dry-erase marker so you can lay down a really thick, juicy ink puddle.

2013-03-20 20.47.22

Step 3: SCRIBBLE MOAR! Use a black marker, or you’ll permanently discolor the tip. Holy crap, the ink is dissolving the Sharpie!

2013-03-20 20.47.43

Step 4: Destroy the evidence. Wait a second for the ink to dry and it’ll come off cleanly. Grab a tissue and purge the offending runes, leaving pristine white surface.

2013-03-20 20.48.09

Step 5: Admire your handiwork. You just defeated a “permanent” marker using a “temporary” marker. Think about that for a sec. Then find the guy who nearly ruined your whiteboard and shove the Sharpie up his nose.

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